Veronica M

Veronica Segars waits for her tug to slip beneath the waters of the Atlantic

The 100' long tug donated by McAllister tugs

Bill Figley from the New Jersey Artificial Reef Program presents Veronica Segars with a sign that he made to dedicate the day. Bill has been the driving force behind the artificial reef program and Veronica and I are proud to call him our friend.

The Veronica M. sits low in the water prior to sinking

On November 10, 2004, the 110' long former McAllister tug, Captain Bill, was sunk on the Axel Carlson Artificial Reef off Bayhead, NJ. The site will be renamed the Veronica M. after Veronica Segars, pictured above. The day started as we awoke to a temperature of 27 degrees, beautiful sunshine and a light north wind. We met at the Diversion, a charter dive boat owned by Steve and Barbara Nagiewicz at 8:00 am.. The Diversion left the dock around 8:45 am to meet the McAllister tug Megan McAllister which had towed the Veronica M. to her final resting site. The sinking process took over four hours. When the stern of the tug was low in the water, the Megan McAllister steamed by, producing a wake that washed over the stern of the tug. It took less than 40 seconds for the Veronica M. to slip below the waves. She made one bump as her stern hit the bottom and then she was gone.

All of us in the Segars family would like to thank the New Jersey DEP, the New Jersey Artificial Reef Program, Bill Figley, Jeff Carlson, McAllister Tugs, Beth Dalzell, Warren & Robin Reed, Rich Galiano and Steve and Barbara Nagiewicz for making this possible and for being a part of this wonderful experience.

Veronica M Sinking

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